A plugin designed originally for Bukkit in 2019 then ported to Spigot. Everything began small and worked its way into something big! Beyond a few other guys we were the first of our kind! We stand to try and offer something unique. Our end goal with this project is to have the ability to communicate (or sync data) between multiple servers, all to create a unified clans experience for hub server networks. Our focus on that end goal and the desire to have such a beautifully laid out API and configuration to make every individual's experience that much more unique.

Free vs Pro

Heres what you need to know...

  • Custom display names! Two word names with a space! (Ex. The Dragonborn)

  • You get to use gradient colors! You already have access to hex, now you can have the best of both worlds!

  • Clans get something neat called a reservoir where associates can convert configured items into power, or use them to ressurect npc's becareful though! If your reservoir goes down the power loss could be substantial!

  • The clans kingdoms addon, packed full of quests with various rewards and an extra warp! A mysterious group is always watching from the shadows.. some say there power is of the most extreme. Bonus packed with the roundtable! a further configurable grouping system for only the most power hungry!

  • Clans can have their own insignia display's! This means associates can design logos and print them for the world to see!

  • The enhanced claim map addon, just makes the map format a bit prettier! You can live without it.. Or can you

  • The clan traits addon to compliment kingdoms, intiallity in the original clans free but now ported to pro, adds playable classes with unique abilities.

  • The bounty addon, just like the game gta! Place bounties on the heads of players for someone to be rewarded apon successful assasination

  • Fully customizable permissions! Clans can set their ranks up with clan permissions of their choosing.

How well does it support cracked?

Bukkit itself doesn't even support cracked environments, but to humor those in the situation we offer some support as consistently as we can, the major problem that can't be alleviated with cracked environments is how UUID persistence is handled, there is none. UUID's for players are based off their username only so if a player undergoes a name change in a cracked environment their UUID changes aswell, which in-line causes some frustrating problems to happen. None the less many things have been implemented to help prevent such things from causing major problems, if anything be found please report it directly to the github repository.


Getting started as a user.

  1. Make sure you've downloaded the library plugin Labyrinth and installed it within the plugins folder along side Tether.

  2. IF your world names are custom, if your world names are called something other than world you will need to slightly configure things to make both world whitelisting and the raid-shield work, first select a primary world you want to use for time basis and put it within the labeled sections "world-whitelist" & "raid-shield".

  3. Find any additional addons on the Github page you want to use, install them by dropping the jar file in the "Addons" folder of Tether.

  4. Find a moment to get familiar with the conifguration! Its heavily commented to help guide you through the process. Once you have everything the way you like it enjoy! Contact support via repository issue or discord.


An embedded, togglable clan land claiming system with toggleable addons such as Borders and Map that display visual representations of land based on player location.
Every addon is currently available for use at all times (e.g., the Dynmap addon will register automatically once Dynmap is detected in your plugins)!
You can configure and format the plugin's messages to your language!
You can create custom ranks and modify the default permissions and inheritance!
The GUI is completely customizable minus the settings gui.
For developers--the structure is very well traversed, enabling you to customize almost anything you could think how you would need it.
Block specific/racial clan names and take action based upon the word and block color codes from being used suck as &k
Configurable PvP modes.
Premium has support for both regular & color codes and FULL support for 1.16+'s new HEX-based color codes!
Place bounties on specific players and let your clan members claim the prize!
Panther & PlaceholderAPI Support c:

Land Claiming

What does the Raid Shield do?
You can set a custom time interval for the shields on and off period in the config. It uses minecraft world time. Since there are 24000 ticks in a Minecraft day you have that much to work with from 0 till then. The default settings will start the raidshield at dawn and the raidshield will go down at dusk. Once the raidshield goes down this enables players in other clans with more clan power than yours to then overpower the land unclaiming and taking it as their own if they choose. Either way it enables raiding.
Claiming Land
You can configure claim dependency allotting clans more or less on their claim cap. A clans claims is decided based on multiple factors, how many members the clan has, how much power, the balance. All these things are considered for the final claim allotment.
Every server has a limit
You can allot a specific limit of clan claims to each user or groups using permission nodes. This 'limit' is the total amount of claims the clan can actually claim, it doesnt give them extra claims on their claim max but rather increases the overall amount of land they can own. With this even the weakest link of a clan can provide land for the group if in the right position. Example: clanspro.claim.100 given to group default means that rank can claim no more than 100 claims.
With the latest versions 1.3.1+ there are now flags for claims which act as property management for things such as enabling / disabling custom claim titles, blocking explosives from destroying your land or various other things available and soon to come.
Custom Titles
At the same time as the 1.3.1+ updates, players can setup custom claim titles, they will be disabled by default, to use your newly configured titles make sure that you have the "claim-titles" flag enabled in the claim you want the titles to be received in, this could be an individual claim or every claim you own!

PvP Modes

If you're a peaceful clan that takes no part in pvp/raid activities then you're gonna love this feature. If you're mode is set to peaceful this means your clan cannot raid, get RAIDED or manage relationships.Setting your clans pvp mode to war will then allow your clan to participate in pvp and or other activities.You can change the Default mode in the Config.yml for when a clan gets created. Optionally removing access to the /c mode command and forcing clans to be in specific game-modes at specific times :) (You can edit clan pvp modes in the settings gui aswell)

Command Information.

clans.createThis permission allows players to create clans./clan create <clanName> [password].
clans.passwordThis permission is for enabling the ability for clan owners to make their clans join-able with a password/clan password <newPass>.
clans.leaveThis permission allows players to leave the current clan they are in./clan leave.
clans.logo (Premium)This permission allows usage of the logo feature and its sub-features./clan logo"edit", "apply", "upload", "color", "redraw", "share", "browse", "carriers"
clans.joinThis permission allows players to join./clan join <clanName> [password].
clans.inviteThis permission allows clans members to invite other players./clan invite <playerName>.
clans.blockThis permission allows players to block a person from spamming them with clan invites. The block feature resets each server restart and does not remember who got blocked./clan block <playerName>.
clans.kickThis permission allows clan members to kick members from clan./clan kick <playerName>.
clans.warThis permission puts a clan into war with another clan as long as they're mode inst in peace./clan war <clanName> | <seconds>.
clans.modeThis permission allows clan to set the clan modes./clan mode [peace, war].
clans.forfeitThis permission allows a player to vote to forfeit in a clan war./clan forfeit.
clans.descriptionThis permission allows players to set the description for the clan./clan description <description>.
clans.messageThis permission allows players to broadcast a clan private message in chat./clan message <message>.
clans.playersThis permission allows players to view a list of all online players and shows whether they're in a clan or not./clan players.
clans.bioThis permission allows players to change their clan bio./clan bio <newBio>.
clans.chatThis permission allows players to switch between clan chat channels./clan chat.
clans.colorThis permission allows players to change the color of their clan.(Premium: /clan color (<colorCode> | [hexCode]) | [hexCode] [anotherHexCode]) (Free: /clan color (<colorCode> | [hexCode])).
clans.infoThis permission allows players to view their clan's info./clan info. permission allows players to view clan info of another clan or player/clan info <clanName> | [playerName].
clans.promoteThis permission allows players to promote a member in their clan, essentially bumping them up a tier (until they are max rank)/clan promote <playerName>.
clans.demoteThis permission allows players to demote a member in their clan, essentially bumping them down a tier (until they are min rank)/clan demote <playerName>.
clans.tagThis permission allows players change the name of their clan altogether./clan tag <newTag>.
clans.display (Premium)This permission allows players to change the display name of their clan, used in things like chat channels and placeholder rich areas./clan display <Display Tag>.
clans.friendlyfireThis permission allows players to switch friendly fire mode for the clan, essentially toggling clan member pvp./clan friendlyfire.
clans.nicknameThis permission allows players to change their chat channel nickname (can effect placeholder rich areas if used)/clan nickname <newNick>.
clans.listThis permission allows players to view a list of clans by name./clan list.
clans.baseThis permission allows players to teleport to the clan base./clan base.
clans.setbaseThis permission allows players to update the location for the clan base./clan setbase.
clans.topThis permission allows players view a list of clans by top category [money, power, kd, wins]/clan top"money", "power", "kd", "wins"
clans.claimThis permission allows players to claim chunks of clan land./clan claim"list", "flags", "enter-title", "enter-sub-title", "leave-title", "leave-sub-title"
clans.unclaimThis permission allows players to un-claim chunks of clan land./clan unclaim.
clans.unclaim.allThis permission allows players to un-claim all of their own clan land./clan unclaim all.
clans.passownerThis permission allows a clan owner to pass ownership to another clan member./clan passowner <memberName>.
clans.banks.useThis permission allows players to view the clan bank command list./clan bank.
clans.banksThis permission allows players to view their clan bank balance./clan bank balance.
clans.banks.depositThis permission allows players to deposit personal money into their clan bank balance./clan bank <deposit>.
clans.banks.withdrawThis permission allows players to withdraw money from their clan bank balance./clan bank <withdraw>.
clans.allyThis permission allows players to attempt or accept alliance with another clan./clan ally <clanName>. permission allows players to remove an alliance with a clan./clan ally <remove> <clanName>.
clans.enemyThis permission allows players to enemy another clan./clan enemy.
clans.enemy.removeThis permission allows players to be neutral with another clan if they have initiated rivalry/clan enemy <remove> <clanName>.
../clan map.
../clan vault.
../clan territory | -f <flag>.
../clan flags.
../clan stash.
../clan bounty <playerName> <amount>.


  • %clans_clan_name% - Get your clan name

  • %clans_land_status% - Get the relation status with the current claim youre in

  • %clans_land_chunk_map_line#% - Get relative claim map data in placeholder form (5x5) (lines 1-5 available)

  • %clans_clan_name_colored% - Get your clan name colored

  • %clans_clan_nick_name% - Get your clan nickname

  • %clans_clan_nick_name_colored% - Get your clan nickname colored

  • %clans_clan_description% - Get your clan description

  • %clans_clan_color% - Get your clan color

  • %clans_clan_pvp_mode% - Get your clan pvp mode

  • %clans_clan_balance% - Get your clan bank balance

  • %clans_clan_power% - Get your clan power level

  • %clans_clan_top_slot_#% - Get the top clans on the server from spot (1-100)

  • %clans_clan_top_slot_#_power% - Get the top clans power by spot on the leaderboard

  • %clans_clan_top_slot_#_color% - Get the top clans power by spot on the leaderboard

  • %clans_clan_war_active% - A check if any wars are active

  • %clans_clan_war_score% - Your teams score in your current war.

  • %clans_clan_war_hours% - The amount of time left in your war for hours

  • %clans_clan_war_minutes% - The amount of time left in your war for minutes

  • %clans_clan_war_seconds% - The amount of time left in your war for seconds

  • %clans_clan_members_online% - Your clans online member count

  • %clans_member_rank% - Your full rank name in your clan

  • %clans_member_rank_short% - Your rank symbol in your clan

  • %clans_member_bio% - Your biography in your clan

  • %clans_raidshield_status% - The current raid-shield status